Ensemble Matheus

Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Rossini, Beethoven, Shostakovich … Since its establishment in 1991, the Ensemble Matheus has been famous in all the repertoires with a dynamism and a fervor unfailing which make all its originality. Ensemble Matheus never ceases to share its passion with the greatest number, not hesitating to shake up the traditions, under the direction of its leader, Jean-Christophe Spinosi.

Jean-Christophe Spinosi

Fiery, impetuous, baroque, modern… Jean-Christophe Spinosi is all of this at once. Musician-choreographer endowed with a rhythmic pulsation and an extraordinary physical exaltation, he braves storms and tides to satisfy his first passion: decompartmentalize the traditions of the classical music to reveal all its modernity and to make it accessible to all. A fight he leads since 1991, accompanied by his faithful Ensemble Matheus.


Cecilia Bartoli – Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi’s most beautiful arias recorded with Jean-Christophe Spinosi conducting the Ensemble Matheus.